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A penny for your thoughts, and a whole lot more for your feedback!

Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Two business functions that have their own distinctive roles yet are so closely connected. They both depend heavily on each other to develop and grow business; however sometimes there are huge chasms between them. The biggest gap appears to be in communication and exchange of information.

Marketing needs information from the field (a big part of market research) and Sales needs Marketing to provide them the right tools based on the information they provided to the Marketing team. Two of the biggest casualties of miscommunication between these two functions are products/services that don’t hit the mark, and hit-and-miss marketing campaigns because Marketing didn’t get it (because Sales didn’t tell them).

In our world, material-handling products manufacturing, we partner with our Distributors to sell our products, and Product Marketing is mainly a part played by the Manufacturer.

For any business to be solutions-based, customer-focused, and in a position to sustain success and maintain competitive advantage – information is paramount. Absolute harmony in communication between Manufactures and Distributors will ensure that information is exchanged constantly and frequently.  Information from the field helps Manufacturers know what customers need and will not only help them provide solutions-based products, but also provide Sales the right marketing tools to build business.

Rest assured, at Bluff “When You Talk, We Listen”.  Recently a Distributor called with a request to change the bolt hole size/ pattern on one of our Crash Guard products.  Additionally, he requested that we include the new sized anchors with the product.  The request appeared reasonable, based on his unique applications and, by working with our design engineers; we concluded that the change was indeed feasible.  We were able to provide a SOLUTIONS-based response.

Not only did we listen to what our customer wanted, but we also engaged our entire team of professionals to ensure a safe, effective and speedy response.  Furthermore, this customer’s request prompted the consideration of Bluff standardizing the modified bolt hole size/pattern on this specific Crash Guard product.

At Bluff Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on the high standards that we maintain in the consistent delivery of excellent customer care.  While the successful outcome of customer care is ultimately an action or process that satisfies the customer, the very first step is actively listening to what the customer has to say.  So, when our distributors call and give us valuable customer feedback or suggestions that might improve our products, and positively impact sales, we pay attention. Whether we are selling dock boards, dock plates, yard ramps, rail boards, or wheel risers, we take great effort to ensure it fits the customers’ requirements. And our Distributors play a key role in ensuring we meet and hopefully, exceed customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers and Distributors build business together