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Trailer Door Opening

DID YOU KNOW? Most trailer doors are roll ups with an opening of 92″-94″. Swing door trailers have an opening that is 102″ wide. Boards and ramps must have a minimum of 2″ clearance per side to allow for safe, secure, proper placement. Some people ask us for a 96″ wide board for a roll […]

Simple steps to reduce shipping claims or better ways to recover damages

We’d love to have zero claims on all our shipments that go out. But in the event we do have some claims, here’s how we can all work together to either reduce the number of claims or recover the damages. Last Friday, one of our employees that works with Con-way met with one of their […]

Creating High Performance Teams

February is the month of love and relationships; but when the calendar turns to March we still have to nurture our relationships if we want them to be healthy all year long.   All of our relationships need care if they are to be strong and productive – even the business ones at work. For this […]

Steady mezzanines on unsteady grounds!

Earthquakes are a terrifying possibility in areas with high seismic activity. The destruction of property, land, and most importantly, human lives drives us to take into careful consideration all standards required to protect our buildings and structures from these terrible tremors and shakes. When you know you live in an area of high seismic activity, […]

Tough Luck or Tuff Guard?

Guard: To keep safe from harm or danger. A simple phrase, but it’s one that carries a lot of weight and responsibility. Bluff’s Tuff Guard says it all – this safety rail is manufactured with 1/2” thick ASTM A36 steel to protect and prevent loss and injury. This is the kind of product you want […]

Yard Ramps – to use the 6 feet Level Off or not. That is the question

There are several guidelines and factors to consider when buying a yard ramp. But we wanted to bring one particular aspect to your attention. When does buying a 36′ Length Yard Ramp with a 6’ Level off make more sense as opposed to a Straight 30′ Length Yard Ramp? When you need that extra maneuverability […]

Texas takes the lead in job creation!

We’ve talked about employment and unemployment several times in the last couple of years. At the height of the recession it was all we heard and worse, experienced. We’d like to say that the country is in a better shape now and the state of affairs is improving. But the slow growth is still causing […]

Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributors Portal is now open for business!

Sometime in August, we blogged about the importance of having a personalized online account in e-commerce sales and we tried to drop a few hints about a wonderful online resource we were building for our distributors. Well, without much further ado, let me present Phase I of Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributor’s Portal. This will be your […]

Did you ‘hear’ my email? There’s an app for that!

The last thing you want to be texting before getting into a crash is “Omg!” A blog we wrote two weeks ago highlighted the risk of traveling in unfamiliar places and asked our readers to give us tips that would help road warriors stay safe. This week we’re focusing on another road hazard – texting […]

The Adventures of the Traveling Bluff Yard Ramp

It always takes marketing genius to come up with unique solutions. At Bluff Manufacturing, our yard ramps ship out weekly to different locations throughout the United States. These gargantuan yard ramps measure 6 – 7 feet in width, 30-36 feet in length and weigh up to 7,000 pounds with capacities ranging to 60,000 pounds. Because […]