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OSHA- Issues with dock safety?

OSHA can drop by any facility at any time, unannounced. Workmans comp issues slow down the productivity of an operation. Safety is a primary concern for all of us. Bluff’s Speedy Board, a unique innovation, allows your driver to stay in the safety of the forklift cage and removes the need for a second worker […]

Why Forklift Safety is Like the Regular Football Season and Not the Playoffs

The Super Bowl was last February 2. National Forklift Safety Day was last June 10. Certainly, neither date is important now except for how they raised our awareness of the need for talent, discipline, and extra precautions in the regular season. Of note, the professional training camps started in July, but the really savvy professionals […]

Trailer Door Opening

DID YOU KNOW? Most trailer doors are roll ups with an opening of 92″-94″. Swing door trailers have an opening that is 102″ wide. Boards and ramps must have a minimum of 2″ clearance per side to allow for safe, secure, proper placement. Some people ask us for a 96″ wide board for a roll […]

Meet Post Protector and Rack Guard!

Hi, I’m Post Protector (Left) and that’s Rack Guard (Right). We work all shifts protecting pallet racks, and all the goods stowed on them, from forklift related accidents and damage. I take care of the posts, and he protects the sides from getting hit from traffic on the main aisles. Believe me it’s an exciting […]

Resolve to be Safer in the Upcoming Year

A new year not only means new goals but also a time to reinforce existing commitments. Across all industries, it’s a great time for companies to renew their focus on safety. We invest so much on our people and our properties, we need to step up and invest in securing and protecting them as well. […]

Places you could need Safety Barriers in your Warehouse or Factory

Safety barriers serve a number of purposes, from blocking off restricted areas to ensuring good traffic flow. If you operate a warehouse or factory, there are a few places you may want to consider putting safety barriers in order to prevent injuries and help your plant run smoother. Walkways-You definitely want to make sure workers […]