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Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Levelers provide a safe way to transition between a loading dock and truck, and are an inexpensive alternative to pit-mounted levelers.

Available in capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 lbs


Edge of Dock Leveler EZ Pull (Model EP)

Provides an easy way to correct the height difference between the dock & trailer

EZ Pull (Model EP)

Edge of Dock Levelers


Designed with a working range of 5″ above or below dock height, Bluff’s Edge of Dock leveler (Model EP) accommodates most loading applications without a problem. The EP is positioned by lifting and pulling the handle to the dock floor, and then the latch assembly activates the lip, projecting it forward onto the bed of the trailer as the handle is lifted. When released, the handle automatically returns to its stored position. Welding to an existing steel channel or a Bluff approach plate is required. Available in capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 lbs and bumpers are included.

Conforms to ANSI MH30.2 Standards. Manufacturing lead time 7 working days.

Capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 lbs.

EZ Pull (Model EP)

Edge of Dock Levelers

Features & Benefits

  • Capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 Lbs.
  • Widths of 66”, 72”, 78” and 84”
  • Easy Lift and Pulling Positioning with Included Handle
  • Working Range of 5” Above and 5” Below Dock
  • Self-Storing Handle
  • Bumper and Bumper Blocks are Included

EZ Pull (Model EP)

Edge of Dock Levelers


Provides a detailed overview of the performance, operation, & other important characteristics.

Edge Of Dock Levelers – EZ Pull – Model EP.pdf

Owner’s Manual & Installation Guide

Provides detailed information used to safely install, operate, and maintain the product.

Edge Of Dock Levelers – EZ Pull – Model EP – Owners Manual.pdf

EP – Installation Instructions.pdf

Freight Classes

Bluff Manufacturing strives to give the best possible customer service. Download our freight classes for shipping.

Freight Classes.pdf

EZ Pull (Model EP)

Edge of Dock Levelers

Options & Accessories

  • Hydraulic Option can be Retrofitted on Existing Units, or is Available as an Add-On
  • Integrated Ramp for Low Dock Applications
  • Longer Lip for Refrigerated Trucks
  • Anchor Kit
  • Approach Plate
  • Steel Face Bumpers
Model Number Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Overall Width (in) Usable Width (in) Lip Length (in) Span (in)
20EP66 20000 448.00 88 66 15 27.75
20EP72 20000 476.00 94 72 15 27.75
20EP78 20000 504.00 100 78 15 27.75
25EP66 25000 509.00 88 66 15 27.75
30EP66 30000 509.00 88 66 15 27.75
30EP72 30000 542.00 94 72 15 27.75
30EP78 30000 576.00 100 78 15 27.75

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