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Yard Ramps with Casters

Bluff’s Steel Yard Ramps with Casters are an economical, low maintenance solution for use on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Available in capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 Lbs.

Steel Yard Ramp With Casters


Bluff’s Steel Yard Ramps with Casters uses steel legs with Polyurethane Caster wheels in place of the traditional hydraulic undercarriage. Perfect for standard LTL dry van trailers and refer trailers the caster model yard ramp is a dependable loading resource that won’t go out of commission due to a faulty hydraulic pump.

Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 Lbs.

Steel Yard Ramp with Casters

Features & Benefits

  • Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 Lbs. with Level Off
  • Steel Serrated Grating
  • Steel Casters with Polyurethane for Durability & Smoother Movement
  • Simple Movement with Ramp Clamp or Tow Bar
  • 2 Speed Hand Crank Caster Legs
  • Beveled Approach Provides a Smooth Transition (Available for 20K Capacity & Above)
  • Service Range from 42” to 59”, but Special Orders Can Accommodate Different Heights
  • For Ground-To-Truck or Railcar Applications, Choose a 36’ Unit Including a 6’ Level-Off
  • Lower Maintenance Costs Compared with Hydraulic Pumps or Electric Motors

Touch Up Paint for Yard Ramps:

  • Rust-Oleum 249914 Gloss Deep Blue (Painter’s Touch Line)
  • Rust-Oleum 7786 Smoke Gray

Steel Yard Ramp with Casters


Provides a detailed overview of the performance, operation, & other important characteristics.

Steel Yard Ramp with Casters.pdf

Freight Classes

Bluff Manufacturing strives to give the best possible customer service. Download our freight classes for shipping.

Freight Classes.pdf

Steel Yard Ramp with Casters

Options & Accessories

  • Handrails
  • Expanded Metal Added to Apron for Enhanced Traction
  • Full Steel Floor Plate in Place of Grating
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Recessed Curbs
Model Number Capacity (lbs) Width (in) Length with Level Off (ft) Weight (lbs)
20SYS8436L-C 20000 84 36 5969.00
20SYS7036L-C 20000 70 36 5215.00
16SYS8436L-C 16000 84 36 5713.00
16SYS7036L-C 16000 70 36 4920.00
Choosing a Yard Ramp
Bluff emphasizes the importance of selecting a yard ramp with a capacity and design that can accommodate the specific needs of the application, considering factors such as forklift capacity, operational velocity, and long-term durability.
Considerations for Velocity & Durability
Depending on the velocity of operations (such as brisk loading and unloading or multiple shifts), Bluff may recommend upgrading to a higher capacity unit, such as a 25,000 lbs model. Additionally, recommendations may include thicker grating materials for enhanced durability, starting at 1-3/4" thickness compared to competitors' starting point of 1-1/4".
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