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Welcome Fall!

As yet another season changes, Bluff remains steadfast in our commitment to you and your business.  Our associates are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today!

Supporting our Team Members

We usually share some personal event that goes on within Bluff each month.  We love celebrating happy times, accomplishments and overall fun.  This month is a little different – more somber.  In July, the Bluff family was touched and deeply saddened by the events here in Dallas. One of our team members lost their brother-in-law, […]

Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

          Summer is officially here!  Lucky for us, July was National Ice Cream Month! At Bluff, we celebrate by trying to stay cool in the Texas heat and ice cream is a perfect way.  In 1984 July was recognized as National Ice Cream Month – now you have a reason to […]

National Safety Month

June was National Safety Month.  According to the government, workplace injuries are a leading cause of disability in all ages.  Here at Bluff we have a deep commitment to keeping our customers safe and providing OSHA compliant products. In addition to manufacturing products with safety in mind, we have an ongoing pursuit to keep Bluff employees […]

11 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy (Without a Raise)

Want to retain your best employees? Your first thought may be to offer them a raise, but as it turns out, the old adage is right: Money doesn’t buy happiness. “Bonuses, company perks and paid days off aren’t enough to keep employees happy,” said Pete Pedone, president and founder of home audio/video system design firm Interactive […]


When was the last time you built a mezzanine whose design criteria included floors that can be shot through? That was the task given to us by Scene 75, the largest indoor entertainment center in the country and the latest finalist in the “Top Family Entertainment Center in North America” from International Association of Amusement […]

Got Rucking?

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel your mind and/or body has been pushed to its limits? Many of us have at different points in our life. Those events can be painful at the time and usually lead to growth and learning. Ryan Steinly, one of our welders, learned this in a […]

Leadership Lessons From Seahawks Super Bowl Fail: Own It & Grow

Entrepreneurs talk boldly about risk and about embracing the lessons of failure when things go wrong. But what if one’s failure is epic and instantaneous, with 100-million-plus people watching live and most of them agreeing the risk you took was really, really dumb? This Chicago Tribune article asked a few entrepreneurs and leadership experts to […]

Let’s Hear it for the IT Guy

We’ve all said it: “I don’t know what I’d do without my computer.” It can feel weird to admit and we’re probably all a little tired of hearing it, but it really is true. In this day and age, computerlessness is utterly crippling to productivity. And for this reason we should all thank our lucky […]

Frank Ramirez in the Land of Opportunity

America has long been thought of as a melting pot of cultures, and that reputation is truer today than ever before. Ever-advancing communication and travel technology makes the world a little bit smaller every day. Because of this, cultural exchange plays out on stages large and small all the time. This increasing diversity has the […]